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Hawkwind played at our wedding

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    Hawkwind played at our wedding

    Ive only just discovered this site, I had no idea it existed but Im thrilled to find it. Ive loved Hawkwind for about 15 years or so and read Micheal Moorcocks books from 1990, my favourites being the Elric books.
    So I had to tell you all about my wedding. We got married in July 1995, I wore a multi coloured tye dyed dress, mainly in white and purple with white stars and moons all over it. My husband wore a tie dyed shirt with black jeans, his long black hair almost reaching his waist. We had a quick wedding whre we lived and then drove on down to the Rock n blues custom motorbike festival, where we camped with friends.
    Hawkwind played on the Saturday and were absoloutely amazing, playing most of our favourite songs including some from chronicles of the black sword. It was heaven, a field full of bikers, Hawkwind playing and my new hubby. What more could you ask for?
  • Mikey_C
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    Sounds like a memorable day indeed. Welcome aboard! :D
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    • Krimson
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      Hey there ZaroZinia. That sounds very cool! Welcome to the forums. I'm sure you'll enjoy it here.
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