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  • itop
    Wanderer of the Mittel March
    • Mar 2004
    • 14

    Take me to your leader

    :D 04.12.2004
    just got back from a hawkwind gig
    new songs and old :lol: best hawkwind gig i have seen for a lot of years
    the space ritual was the best . :lol: :lol: :D
  • HawkLord
    Guardian of the Grail
    • Oct 2004
    • 487

    Lucky, where was it?
    Also do you know if there are any Hawkwind gigs in Scotland ever gonna happen? I checked the official site but the only two they have there are Newcastle and London gigs


    • Mikey_C
      Champion of the Balance
      • May 2004
      • 1511

      Anyone going to the Astoria on the 19th?
      \" ape reft of his tail, and grown rusty at climbing, who yet feels himself to be a symbol and the frail representative of Omnipotence in a place that is not home.\" James Branch Cabell


      • itop
        Wanderer of the Mittel March
        • Mar 2004
        • 14

        it was the newcastle gig it was the closest gig to scotland lots of scots were at the gig. :P :mrgreen:


        • CandyFlossCow
          Starfighter Pilot
          • Nov 2004
          • 95

          I was at the Newcastle gig too :D
          It really was excellent. Dave Brock was on top form and the band were really enjoying it. The stage set was great, and Dave and Ali were wearing labcoats! :D
          The opener was Spirit of the Age... wonderful! Some of the new stuff sounds great.