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Some casting suggestions for Yyrkoon

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    Some casting suggestions for Yyrkoon

    Here are some names I ve considered this is the post I made for the Yyrkoon

    Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2005 11:10 pm Post subject:


    I can sort of see Guy Pierce or Matt Dillon in the roll of Yyrkoon Each has the strong chin and can play the part of an aristocrat. The only thing is to make this movie of Elric I think that the cast should be more mature age wise.

    I can envison a Robert DuVall as Dvim Vvar or even Michael Keaton

    Why not Robert Patrcick for Rackir or Dvim Slorm

    Antonio Benderas as Arioch

    Max Von Sydow , James Cromwell or David Carradine as Tanglebones Elrics instructor

    Myshella Halle Berry

    Yishana Tia Carre

    Timothy Hutson Jangern Llearn

    I can think of more but I ll save it till another day

    But here is a name for Elric to consider KEVIN BACON
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    Originally posted by Ant

    Although Elric's companion will not, Mike tells us, appear in the first movie, here are the casting suggestions.
    • Paul Bettany
      Jack Black
      Ewen Bremner
      Adrian Brody
      Steve Buschemi
      Robert Carlyle
      Robbie Coltrane
      Daniel Craig
      Willem Dafoe
      Johnny Depp
      Matt Dillon
      Jason Flemyng
      Seth Green
      Hugo Jackman
      Daniel Day Lewis
      Ewan McGregor
      Jonny Lee Miller
      Dominic Monaghan
      Gary Oldman
      Simon Pegg
      Brad Pitt
      John Rhys-Davies
      Giovanni Ribisi
      Andy Serkis
      Armin Shimerman
      Alan Tudyk
      Sean Scott Williams
      Nick Frost