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Peter Steele of Type O Negative

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    Peter Steele of Type O Negative

    Not Elric material but certainly Melnibonean. He's slated to appear in Tao of M so he's no stranger to acting.

    Even on stage live, he has a very other-worldly appearence.

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  • Bradi
    Nomad of the Time Streams
    • Nov 2005
    • 39

    My friend, Sean, saw him at a club listening to some band. I'm not sure if he still does, but at the time my friend described him as having long, jet black hair. He's a tall, imposing figure and my friend described him as just standing there, arms crossed and expressionless listeinng to the band.

    Like a dumb-ass, my friend goes up and starts blathering 'what a fan he is, love the new album, etc.'

    All this time Sean is embarrassing himself, Peter barely cocks his head in his direction. He turns back to the band he was listening to and says in his low Type O Negative voice:


    Sean realized that he had been dismissed and skulked away.


    • Athenys
      Autarch of Ulthwe
      • Oct 2004
      • 194

      His dark looks would make him better suited to Yyrkoon than to Elric IMHO. Michael Wincott still looks most like an evil Melnibonean but this guy's not too shabby...


      • bob-e-bane
        Denizen of Moo Uria
        • Jun 2004
        • 126

        I saw Type - o years ago with Danzig. (Ironic that at the time we thought glen danzig would be good to play wolverine- but he cant act I bet! ha ha)

        A friend of mine took me back stage to meet them. (His band was to be produced by Pete on Roadrunner records, because Pete liked them and Type - o was the biggest artist on the label at the time. It never worked out. I did actually hear the voice mail of Pete calling my friend.

        Turns out the guitar player in my friends band stole Petes girlfriend. My friend is kind of an antogonist and asked pete if there was any message to relay to the girl (consequently the girl Type -o wrote Black no 1 for). He replies in a deep voice..."Tell her I hope she lives a long and prosporous life and dies a quick and painless death.". Sounded very poetic and horrific. LOW voice.

        The guys arms were huge! He had a green day glo tattoo of a circle with the minus symbol. I complimented it and showed him mine on my skinny little arm! ha ha!!

        He would be good as Yrkoon if he could act.