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hawkwind stories???

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    hawkwind stories???

    hi i had these 3 books about 10 years ago but foolishly sold my collection i have managed to get nealry everything again but this trilogy evades me-can anyone tell me the neames of them as its completely lost from my memory -im pretty sure the second one was called queen of something or other
    any help on this would be greatly appreciated
    oh and they were co-written but i dunno who the other writer was fro the life of me
  • sphinxgod
    Corsair of the Second Ether
    • Jan 2004
    • 79

    Hey Westland,
    The books that you are after are The Time Of The Hawklords(1976), and Queens Of Deliria(1977). The books were co-written with Michael Butterworth.


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      Yeah, I remember feeling extremely envious of a friend who had obtained Time of the Hawklords in the mid-80s, it was the only one I had ever seen. Through the wonders of eBay I picked up a copy for a fiver the other week, and it's well.....

      It's worth having as a Moorcock fan and a Hawkwind fan!

      Th-th-th-that's all.


      • Doc
        Eternal Champion
        • Jan 2004
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        I won't speak for Mike, of course, but I know he distances himself from the books, not because of quality, but because he had so little to do with their creation. It seems to me (if I remember correctly) that he developed part of the concept for the first one, so he got credited with both. However, they are far and away much more of Butterworth's work, especially the second.


        • zakt
          Eternal Companion
          • Apr 2004
          • 531

          Wouldn't want to belittle the efforts of anyone who manages to finish a novel-sized book (even Jeffrey Archer!), but MM would be most correct to distance himself from these, no matter how friendly he might be or have been with Mike Butterworth. They are bad (first one anway, and that's usually a good indicator).

          Still, as I said above, for collectors and Hawkfans they are worth having.
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