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Moorcock and the Millennium Masterworks

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    Moorcock and the Millennium Masterworks


    I've been interested in Mr Moorcock's novels for quite a while, but was - whenever I looked for information - shocked out of inquiring for more due to the immense number of novels this particular author has published. For me, it's always seemed quite complicated which novel belongs to which series and under how many titles it has been published.
    There is a series collecting all of the early stuff, I know, but most of it's out-of-print (and almost impossible to get over here in continental Europe). I'm one of those sick completists; if I can't get all of one series at once (or in a timeframe I can easily overlook), I don't buy any volume of it.

    Recently, however, I discovered Millennium/Gollancz/Orion's Masterworks series, both SF and Fantasy. They've surprised me by choosing the entries not by famousness, but by importance and quality, and by issuing complete editions of several series ('Book of the New Sun', 'Lyonesse', 'Viriconium', 'Cities in Flight', 'Lankhmar' to name just a few). And they seem to have published quite a number of Mr Moorcock's novels. However, I'm still not sure as to how complete those collections are.

    So, I'd like to know whether the assumptions I make in the following are correct:
    - 'The History of the Runestaff' collects the first four of the Hawkmoon novels, and an omnibus collecting the remaining three is planned.
    - 'Corum: The Prince in the Scarlet Robe' collects, perversely, the second three of the six Corum novels, and a second omnibus collecting the first three is planned.
    - 'The Dancers at the End of Time' collects all of the novels of the series with the same title.
    - 'Elric' collects 'Stormbringer' and 'The Stealer of Souls', which is only a fraction of the actual Elric novels, and further Elric editions are not planned.
    - 'Behold the Man' contains only the novel of the same title, and not the sequel 'Breakfast in the Ruins' (the publication of which is not planned, either).

    It'd be nice of someone could help me out :).
  • Typhoid_Mary
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    Almost right. 'Corum: The Prince in the Scarlet Robe' actually collects the first trilogy, not the second.


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      Originally posted by Typhoid_Mary
      'Corum: The Prince in the Scarlet Robe' actually collects the first trilogy, not the second.
      Hm, but on the bibliography on the left it says...
      Oh, never mind. That's "Prince with the Silver Hand". Me stupid.
      Still, one wonders why Orion didn't leave the original title (The Coming of Chaos) in peace...

      By the way, would you (or some-one else) also happen to know when Gollancz plans to release the rest of those series (their website is down, there isn't even a list there of the Masterworks already published)?