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Jonathan Littell 's Goncourt prize

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  • Morgan Kane
    Lost in the multiverse
    • Jun 2006
    • 1428

    Jonathan Littell 's Goncourt prize

    An american author, writing in french won the most prestigious french litterrary prize, the Goncourt.

    He also won the less prestigious prix de l' académie française.

    The story is about the confession of a non repenting officer of the SS during WWII .

    He is the son of Robert Littel.

    A similar ecxperience was made by a french author Robert Merle from the confession of the ex-commanding officer of Auswitch. " La mort est mon métier " .

    I don' t know if the Robert Merle book has been translated in English but the effect is chilling !
  • L'Etranger
    Veteran Moorcockista
    • Dec 2003
    • 4772

    The "Freedom Fries" can be renamed to "French Fries" finally I think, also now that the Senate and House of Representatives is a trifle less conservative ...!

    The Prix Goncourt is really a top award, bravo!

    More about the winning author and book on the BBC site .
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