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Dear reader,

Many people have given their valuable time to create a website for the pleasure of posing questions to Michael Moorcock, meeting people from around the world, and mining the site for information. Please follow one of the links above to learn more about the site.

Thank you,
Reinart der Fuchs
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  • pinkgreen
    Nomad of the Time Streams
    • Aug 2004
    • 43

    Where have you been

    I'm so glad to be rescued from the wild world wide web, it's big world out there, where has everyone been? The only solace I found was in the nexus. check if you like meaningless wanderings.

    Welcome back Multiverse.
  • Pease
    Nomad of the Time Streams
    • Jun 2006
    • 27

    First we went to the Limbo forum at Prototype X and Azariel's swordsorcery board, and when that went down, we gathered at swordsorcery.


    • Mespheber
      Guardian of the Grail
      • Jun 2006
      • 411

      Yeaaah... Good to be back home. Congratulations to Brian and all those who worked for months on this precious citadel!
      Free the West Memphis Three


      • EverKing
        Eternal Companion
        • Jan 2004
        • 979

        I just haven't been online. I've been hopping on now and then to check e-mail, another forum site (my old home on the web) and to see if this site is back up...but since this site hasn't been up, I haven't been doing anything online.

        ...Now all of that has changed!!!

        I'm thrilled to be back! WooooT!
        "In omnibus requiem quaesivi, et nusquam inveni nisi in angulo cum libro"
        --Thomas a Kempis


        • Mario
          Denizen of Moo Uria
          • Sep 2004
          • 193

          I kept myself busy at my usual haunts. I get around. :)


          • L'Etranger
            Veteran Moorcockista
            • Dec 2003
            • 4772

            I spent a lot of online time at Prototype X anyway, so that's where I stayed until that went off the net, too. Thereafter I had a lovely time enjoying a belated Spring in the real world. Nice to be back in this clubhouse again, though.
            PX It is a great place with much creativity that I look forward returning to very often when it is finally mended.
            We've now started picking cherries outside, a lot where even brought down prematurely by yesterday's frightening storm; and it is much fun currently enjoying the depopulated locations when the rest of the world watches the football* games of the World Championship. I put a little Canadian flag on my balcony just to baffle the neighbours (Canada isn't in this tournament, hehe).

            * i.e. soccer in the US and Aussieland
            Google ergo sum


            • lemec
              Eternal Champion
              • Jul 2005
              • 5317

              I've been at the S&S as well. -and the "outside world" a little.

              last night and tonight I have an out-of-state visitor so you probabably won't see me on much. ;) I've been going around at night and having fun, seeing sites and dining out. It was a pleasant surprise, I never know who I will see here or when they will show up. :)

              here's to adventure!


              "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
              - Michael Moorcock