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Some lyrics and poems

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  • Ulrik Skarsol
    Nomad of the Time Streams
    • Sep 2006
    • 26

    Some lyrics and poems

    Well, I did it at last: I´m going to shared some of my poems and lyrics.
    Tell me honestly what you think about it, but understand that most of it were made in very hard times so they are quite depressing and it not represents my usual vision of the world.

    (this is the lyric of a Black metal song composed by me)

    Dark Dominion

    The light in my has gone
    and I can´t control my pain.
    The bright days of childness
    I´ve left behind me.

    I quit that realm of happiness
    to find a dark dominion
    of questions and no aswers
    Existence agony....

    Oblivion come to me!
    I must find you so I can be free!
    Oblivion come to me!
    I must find you to be released!

    all that was important t me once
    lies crushed into dust
    I need to replace it
    so my pain can cease at last

    Still a ray of hope
    shines between dark clouds
    Maybe you can bring me light
    mayb I can rest at last.

    How ever, I must try it
    tought I have much to loose.
    If my burden can ve lightened
    then you are the only one

    Oblivion come to me!
    I must find you so I can be free!
    Oblivion come to me!
    I must find you to be released!
    Come to me....

    This poem has no title

    I´m trap inside my body´s walls
    isolated in the crowd
    the only answers are in myself
    the only truth is in my soul.

    The secrets of existence
    I will search until I die
    No simulate to be another
    no pretend being someone else

    The others are cowards
    cant afford being alone.
    They gather like cows
    they are afraid of truth

    There are no friends to help me
    I must help me myself
    Nbody can understand me
    I must serch the truth alone

    The lastone is very old so please be merci،yful
  • Grey Mouser
    Champion of the Balance
    • Dec 2003
    • 1433

    Thanks for sharing these with us Ulric. Will you ever give a title to the 2nd one, not that it necessarily needs one of course since adding a title is more or less a convention? A quest for the secrets of existence, I can identify with that.