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Playlist for my 4-hour stint this past Fri.

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  • Pellaz
    Defender of the Runestaff
    • Sep 2004
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    Playlist for my 4-hour stint this past Fri.

    I don't routinely post my playlists on WREK-FM since they don't usually run this long, but this past late-Fri early-Sat, I was stuck at the studio with no-one to take over for me from midnight to 4am.

    This is mostly a metal show, WREKage, and it follows a psychedelic show on the same station called Stonehenge. They play Hawkwind a lot, BTW.

    Note the MM-related band in the playlist.

    This was actually a lot of fun, but at the time it was hectic as hell. Requests, in-studio guest, trying to get CDs out of the library/vault in back.... Finally one of the other deejays arrived at 4am and took over.


    Godhead -- Eleanor Rigby Beatles cover, a Stonehenge-to-WREKage transitional tune
    Dimmu Borgir -- Masses For The New Messiah
    Cradle Of Filth -- Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids
    Children Of Bodom -- Bodom Beach Terror
    Iron Maiden -- 22 Acacia Ave[Request]
    Amon Amarth -- The Beheading Of A King[Request]
    Abominant -- Treasures Of Darkness playing next Friday at Swayze's
    Avulsion -- When The Time Has Come playing Aug. 11th with Origin at Swayze's
    Anal Blast -- Wings Flew Away
    Amoebic Dysentery-- Hospice Orgy / What If The Dead Body Was Drunk?
    Graveworm -- Mcmxcii
    Cryptopsy -- Carrionshine[Request]
    Bal-sagoth -- Six Score And Ten Oblations To A Malefic Avatar
    Ground:X:xero -- Departure[Request] local band
    Withered -- Beyond Wrath local band, now signed, playing here in October
    Pork! -- Barbasol / Little Girl Parts [Request] another local band, from their 5-track demo
    In Flames -- Moonshield[Request]
    Necrophagist -- Culinary Hyperversity[Request]
    Strapping Young Lad -- Monument from new CD The New Black
    Bloodbath -- Bathed In Blood[Request]
    Crowbar -- Planets Collide[Request]
    Behemoth -- The Reign Of Shemsu-hor
    Dragonforce -- Revolution Deathsquad [Request]
    Between The Buried And Me -- Territory / Cemetary Gates[Request] double-shot from the covers CD The Anatomy Of
    Yyrkoon -- Horror From The Sea from the new cd Unhealthy Opera
    Immortal -- Sons Of Northern Darkness
    Terrorizer -- Dead Shall Rise[Request] for Will
    Opeth -- Funeral Portrait[Request]
    Slayer -- Skeletons Of Society [Request] for and by Tim, sorta
    Amorphis -- Perkele (the God Of Fire) from recent CD Eclipse
    The Devin Townsend Band -- Triumph
    Mastodon -- March Of The Fire Ants[Request]
    Nevermore -- The Seven Tongues Of God[Request]
    Nile -- Serpent-headed God[Request]
    Epica -- Consign To Oblivion (a New Age Dawns) Performing at ProgPower USA here, in September
    Deicide -- Sacrificial Suicide[Request]
    Glass Casket -- Pencil Lead Syringe[Request]
    Megadeth -- Peace Sells[Request]
    Death -- Trapped In A Corner[Request]
    Witchery -- Plague Rider