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Land of the Dead

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  • devilchicken
    We'll get to that later
    • Nov 2004
    • 2814

    Land of the Dead

    Didn't think too much of this - had a promising start and an intriguing setup with the class society in the city and I quite liked the characters, but the movie did't really seem to go anywhere.

    I've a funny feeling a lot of material was cut out - much of the movie felt rather rushed, as though the social commentary was abandoned for this 'action' sub-plot. Perhaps there will be an extended cut.... That said, I hope this stops any more zombie movies being made. The Genre is well and truly dead (no pun intended)

    Also for a Romero movie there was noticeably less visceral carnage than the earlier movies. Generally disappointing I guess - although the zombies were great and typically Romeroesque..
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  • DeeCrowSeer
    Eternal Champion
    • Feb 2004
    • 2214

    This has just been released over here, and I saw it today.

    I enjoyed it a lot while I was watching, but on the walk home I realised that a lot of the story was a bit weak... and I cared far more about Big Daddy zombie than I did about that stale chunk of meat they had playing the "hero". I was also disappointed that Asia Argento had so little to do after her impressive introduction. Much like Michelle Rodriguez in SWAT , they set up a cool, kick-arse female character, and then couldn't think of anything to do with her. Leguizamo was great though, and it reminded me how cool he was in Romeo + Juliet . Again, I was far more interested in his character than the other chap. Much like Shaun of the Dead , I felt this film overlooked the one thing I enjoyed most about zombie films, and that's the way that random groups of people are thrown together to fight the menace. In this film, they were zombie-hunters anyway, so there wasn't that element of improvisation and conflict that the first two films in the series played around with. But it was still a very enjoyable film, so I should just shut up and be grateful. I do love a good zombie flick... :)
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