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Asylum (TV)

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  • DiGiMac
    Denizen of Leyq Ga'ahrdà
    • Dec 2003
    • 217

    Asylum (TV)

    Can anyone tell me a bit more of what this was about?
    In a previous post MM said, "Asylum is a film by Iain Sinclair. I was in that and I was in the earlier Cardinal and the Corpse. They are small hours specials. I like them myself, though they shouldn't be taken as biographical."
    Were they documentaries, interviews or what?
    Screened where?
  • Jerico
    Champion of the Balance
    • Jan 2004
    • 1577

    From what I know, Asylum has been aired on British televesion and is not available on VHS or dvd. It seems to be an artsy documentary video featuring interviews with writers , of course MM included
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    Michael Moorcock - 3am Magazine Interview


    • flutegirlrockz
      Champion of the Balance
      • Jul 2004
      • 1350

      See, see this is why we should have a tv section.