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What is the order of the DRizzt Do Urden books

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  • Yisselda
    Eternal Companion
    • Jan 2004
    • 776

    What is the order of the DRizzt Do Urden books

    I need help.

    I looked and looked. I cannot find one decent list of the books in the order they should be.

    Can someone please tell me the list in the right order.

    There are omnibuses and sets, but not lists properly.
  • Mario
    Denizen of Moo Uria
    • Sep 2004
    • 193

    In internal chronology, the order is:
    • Homeland (1990)
    • Exile (1990)
    • Sojourn (1991)
    • The Crystal Shard (1988)
    • Streams of Silver (1989)
    • The Halfling's Gem (1990)
    • The Legacy (1992)
    • Starless Night (1993)
    • Siege of Darkness (1994)
    • Passage to Dawn (1996)
    • The Silent Blade (1998)
    • The Spine of the World (1999)
    • Servant of the Shard (2000)
    • Sea of Swords (2001)
    • The Thousand Orcs (2002)
    • The Lone Drow (2003)
    • The Two Swords (2004)

    Plus assorted short stories, as yet uncollected.


    • Yisselda
      Eternal Companion
      • Jan 2004
      • 776

      Thank you

      And is that the order i should buy them?

      Looks chronological.


      • lemec
        Eternal Champion
        • Jul 2005
        • 5317

        I read The Crystal Shard First. (The Icewind Dale Trilogy)

        They came out first,then Salvatore wrote Homeland,Exile and Sojourn-which
        take place before The Crystal Shard, so you could probably read them either way. After that, they are all in order that they should be read.

        By the way, Devil's Due made graphic novel versions of some of these,that are really,really cool. Great to get after you read the books!
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        "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
        - Michael Moorcock


        • Yisselda
          Eternal Companion
          • Jan 2004
          • 776

          Thanks. So i figure it should look on a website amd get the omnibusses.

          They have released the trilogys etc together.

          Thats how i got the Eternal Champion series.


          • Eol
            Wanderer of the Mittel March
            • Jun 2005
            • 19

            In case it helps the omniubusses are, in internal chronological order:

            The Dark Elf trilogy (homeland, exile, sojourn)
            Icewind Dale trilogy (crystal shard, Silver streams, Halfing's Gem)
            The Legacy of the Drow (legacy, starless night, siege of darkness, passage to dawn)
            The Hunter's Blade trilogy (thousand orcs, lone drow, two swords)

            I think all four of them have just been published in gift boxes which might be a good purchase.


            • Yisselda
              Eternal Companion
              • Jan 2004
              • 776

              Thank you Eol.

              Its either omnibusses or buying them individually, which could take a while.