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Truth is stranger than Fiction / non-fiction

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  • L'Etranger
    Veteran Moorcockista
    • Dec 2003
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    Truth is stranger than Fiction / non-fiction

    Truth is stranger than Fiction - a notion popular among documentary filmmaker. Often enough it applies to books as well.
    I am currently reading an Australian book: Russell Braddon - THE NAKED ISLAND. Braddon was sent to Malaya in 1941 with thousands other Aussies to stop the Japanese. In vain they fought valiant actions, they were poorly led and under-equipped and were routed in record time by a cunning and brutal enemy. Braddon spent almost four years as a POW (in Pudu and Changi) and just barely survived. An extremely well told account, very compelling read. Not the Japanese atrocities which are numerous in the book are the real subject, but his sarcastic criticism of the mismanagement of the Australian and Imperial forces by a completely incompetent leadership and officers corps who completely underestimated the Japanese as little bespectacled monkeys of inferior fighting power, because it didn't fit their arrogant colonial, racial perspective and because of a stark lack of imagination.
    Full of very precise observations on the nature of Man, some lasting doses of Australian humour and deeply human moments under extreme circumstances and a testimonial journal of how resolve can keep you alive.

    Any other suggestions for this thread?
    Google ergo sum

  • Morgan Kane
    Lost in the multiverse
    • Jun 2006
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    don ' t you think that a writer who would have described the presetn world 35 years ago would have been considered as a mad / racist / ultraleft man ?