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    I'm still alive gumshoe...
    Sat on a log a few feet from the plunge over the cliff
    at Triple Falls. Sat there writing haiku. It felt like an
    inspirationally dangerous place to write. Hard-boiled.
    on the other side of the falls there was a thin fallen tree
    hanging over the falls. Try to imagine someone hanging on
    for dear life. You know who I was imaginging was hanging
    from it. HA HA HA.

    I checke dout a book called BIRMINGHAM NOIR. short stories
    of NOIR. This might be interesting. so I'll give it a try.
    Have you eaver read Cornell Woolrich. Boy, he's a bleak one.
    I liked the film based on his "PHANTOM LADY" novel. Worked
    very well as a NOIR thriller.

    When I read your PYATT books, I thought of George Macdonald
    Fraser's FLASHMAN. Pyatt and Flashman are guys that play
    fast and loose with the facts and what they mean. Makes for
    an interesting read. You want to talk back to them and straighten
    them out on the facts as you read along.

    I ordered THE FINAL PROGRAMME DVD. I saw it on cable in early
    80's as The Last days of Man On earth. The final programme novel
    at the begining reminded me of THE DREAMING CITY in a way.
    almost like a twist on the same begining played out by different
    characters. Teaming up with others to storm the place and take it
  • Michael Moorcock
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    • Dec 2003
    • 14278

    Well, don't blame me if it's not quite up to standard.
    The best bits of that movie were ad libs by the actors, who were a lot smarter than the director.
    Do you read Iain Sinclair, AM ? He makes constant references to noir
    movies and such.
    Just got a cheap DVD of Madigan. Fuller. One of my favourites from the forties.

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      Iain Sinclair

      No I haven't read anything by Iain Sinclair...
      I shall have to give that a try. Might prove interesting.

      I watched Topper (cary Grant as a ghost)
      and then Topper Returns (Rochester from Jack Benny was in it)
      rather silly screw-ball movies... but sometimes that does the trick.

      I'm waiting on a Fritz lang DVD. He made a few noir films.
      Scarlet street.... the Big Heat.....

      I watch more old films than I do new films. I must be slipping
      backwards in time. my neurones are made of rubber bands.

      Mel Brooks must be lurking inside with Sid Ceasar