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graduation thesis

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  • clelia
    Nomad of the Time Streams
    • Jul 2006
    • 33

    graduation thesis

    Hi everybody!!i m an italian student and i need some help for my graduation thesis which is about mr. Moorcock's "Mother london",in particular my teacher asked me to make a comparison beetwen this book and James Joyce's "Ulysses"..can you help me?I would like to know also how to contact mr. Moorcock directly.Thanks a lot, i hope someone answers me!bye bye.CLELIA
  • voilodian ghagnasdiak
    Warrior On The Edge
    • Jun 2006
    • 2591

    If you post a question directly to Mr. Moorcock you will find him to be very considerate in providing a response.A direct question on this thread should get his attention.The time of response depends on when he gets a chance to view this website, and what timezone he is in at that time.( although I honestly think that he owns a time machine)
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    • Keele
      Denizen of Moo Uria
      • Oct 2005
      • 144

      The best forum for direct questions to Mike would most likely be the Q&A. Best of luck!