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A bit of reminiscing

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  • jbarr
    Moonbeam Traveller
    • Jun 2004
    • 5

    A bit of reminiscing

    Mr. Moorcock,

    This seems like the best place to post this so...

    I just wanted to thank you for your ongoing commitment to writing very engaging and interesting stories. Your books were actually a big part of my and my friend's lives in High School. Back in the mid-1980's, we didn't get stoned with the "Burnouts" nor hang out with the "Jocks". We were in that in-between "limbo" group that no one paid too much attention to. It gave us lots of time spend reading your (and others') books, playing Dungeons & Dragons, and otherwise, being typical high school kids.

    I specifically remember reading the Elric series and being thoroughly engaged. They were "edgy" yet deep enough to make you think. We would buy the book and pass it around for the next one to read (sorry, but we were cheap high school kids!) We next found the Hawkmoon series at the local bookstore and were again engaged. Looks like we were reading at the right time because shortly after that came the Corum series and the Count Brass series followed by the Eternal Champion books. As kids, it was always like finding gold when we would see a new title staring back at us from the bookstore shelves!

    I don't remember the exact order we read these "later" books, but it seems in some strange way, that the order in which we read them in really affected how we perceived the whole series. It was so fascinating to see how every character, each in his own mini-series, somehow interacted with the other characters (The Vanishing Tower and th Corum books come to mind.) Then, after reading "The Eternal Champion", everything really came together. Your whole "multiverse" concept, though explained somewhat in each mini-series, really jelled with that book.

    It may be a silly comparison, but it kind of reminds me of a real-life experience I had: My learning experience when I was in college. For the first three years or so of college, I learned the requisite facts and concepts on History, Philosophy, Computer Science, Chemistry, Psychology, etc.--just a bunch of disparate, seemingly disconnected facts and concepts. But somewhere early on in my Senior year, it all just "clicked". Concepts from one discipline seemed to overlap those of other disciplines. Facts and details relevent to one subject suddenly became relevent to other subjects. I could finally see how they were all interconnected like some huge academic web--truely enlightening. Certainly made life more interesting! OK, I realize that the "multiverse" concept is "just fiction" but it's a wonderful concept to get you thinking about how things interconnect.

    Since then, my life has certainly evolved. I graduated with a degree in Psychology, but like so many, have spent my career in the IT world (which has always been my biggest hobby.) Philosophically, my views have changed dramatically over the years. Now, I'm a Bible-believing Christian living my life with my faith in God. Though your works could be said to in some ways "conflict" with my fundamental beliefs, I certainly cannot dismiss them in any way because of their sheer genious and innovation.

    Sorry to digress. Anyway, I was looking through my "collection" of "Moorcock books" the other day and I couldn't help but reminisce a just bit. So, this is just a simple thanks to you for providing stories that I found very engaging, eye opening, and thought-provoking in my formative years!

    A fan since the mid 1980's...

  • Michael Moorcock
    Site Host
    • Dec 2003
    • 14278

    Thanks, Jim. I've always believed in those interconnections and I don't think they clash at all with faith in God. I'm more of a Deist myself, since I'm inclined to think all the versions of religion contain the same fundamental truths, though of course I'm culturally a Christian. Interesting that the multiverse ideas are now commonly discussed in scientific magazines!

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