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Image Hive Maximum Image Upload Size

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  • Reinart der Fuchs
    Mr. The Fox
    • May 2006
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    Image Hive Maximum Image Upload Size

    Guv and Co.,

    Our max upload size is indeed at 2 MB maximum. I'm going to request that Wayne from Axign increase that to 3 MB. Those submitting uploads in the future will have to keep this new maximum in mind (if Wayne is willing to adjust it upwards) for future uploads. That means if the image you submit is beyond 3 MB, you'll have to size the image down or, gulp, reduce the quality of the image.

    My comfort level of moving to 3 MB at this time is low, but I console myself knowing that we won't have many 2 MB + images uploaded. That doesn't mean the future is static. I just want to understand what it means to our resources by changing this number. If the disk space starts getting gobbled up, we've got a problem, but I doubt that will happen.

    So we are 2 MB for now, soon to be 3 MB with little impact expected.
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