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Many people have given their valuable time to create a website for the pleasure of posing questions to Michael Moorcock, meeting people from around the world, and mining the site for information. Please follow one of the links above to learn more about the site.

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Reinart der Fuchs
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  • Wormwalk
    Wanderer of the Mittel March
    • Feb 2004
    • 23


    How does one advance from Moonbeam Traveler to the next, etc.?
  • VonWeiner
    Eternally Confused
    • Jan 2004
    • 950

    By the number of posts you make.

    (1) Moonbeam Traveller: 0-49
    (2) Citizen of Tanelorn: 50-99
    (3) Champion of the Balance: 100-199
    (4) Guardian of the Grail: 200-499
    (5) Eternal Champion: 500+

    Moderators and Editors = Chaos Engineer

    Pretty sure the above numbers are correct. :?
    When they had advanced together to meet on common
    ground, then there was the clash of shields, of spears
    and the fury of men cased in bronze; bossed shields met
    each other and the din rose loud. Then there were
    mingled the groaning and the crowing of men killed and
    killing, and the ground ran with blood.

    Homer, The Illiad